What is Team Coaching?

Team coaching can be provided by the OD team and may be of interest to teams who are either newly formed and wish to accelerate their development or for teams who feel that they could improve their performance and effectiveness. As with one-to-one coaching, a clear idea of what you want to achieve is essential. We can offer one-off bespoke team sessions or a series of sessions dependent on need. A team coach will be sponsored to work with a team, by the manager or leader and will often commence their input by conducting individual meetings with all team members to fully understand all perspectives and identify particular themes.

We know that in teams that have strong psychological safety, team members feel accepted, respected, and valued. They are encouraged to be honest and open and contribute to the ongoing development of the team. Psychological safety is a key component of highly functioning teams.
The OD team will work with you to develop the conditions in which psychological safety can flourish.

Line managers and clinical supervisors may be in a position to provide informal coaching support as part of their leadership role and this will vary from person to person.
Qualified coaches provide formal coaching support that is not dependent on hierarchy, organisational intelligence, or knowledge of the coachee’s job role.

If you are keen to improve team culture and accountability, you may also wish to read through some of our recently developed toolkits: Click Here

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They are highly beneficial to work through as a team as well as individually. The OD team is able to offer socially distant, compliant face-to-face team sessions and or virtual sessions using Microsoft Teams.