LLR Academy

Contracting will usually occur during your first session and involves the setting of clear expectations regarding the relationship between coach and coaches. The coach will explain the boundaries of the relationship and clarify what coaching is. For example, expect to have a discussion about confidentiality, honesty, and commitment to the process.
You will also use this time to agree how often you will meet and for what duration. You may set a review date to ensure the coaching is progressing as intended and you will be expected to describe what you want to achieve from coaching.

Articulating your goal is vital as this is setting the direction for your sessions and will help you to know when you have achieved what you set out to do.

Coaches will often use a Coaching contract; a document that summaries all of the above in which both coach and coachee are expected to sign, signifying both parties’ agreement and understanding.
The first session is also an opportunity to see if the fit feels right with this coach. Is there a comfortable rapport or foundation in which to build an open and trusting relationship? If it doesn’t feel right, be honest. A coach will understand and will often be able to help signpost you to someone else.


  • Your first session with your coach
  • Agree ground rules and expectations
  • Find out about your coach, do you have the right chemistry to work with this coach?
  • Where will you meet?
  • Face to Face or virtual
  • You will usually begin your coaching journey during this first session