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Reverse Mentoring For Inclusion 2022/23

We are delighted to launch our 4th cohort of the Reverse Mentoring for Inclusion programme for 2022/23.

We have run 3 cohort programmes so far with 160 delegates graduating from the programme. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with many delegates stating that this has been a life changing programme.

You can access a video via the link below to find out more about the Reverse Mentoring For Inclusion programme.

We have had great success with the first three programmes running between 2018 and 2022.

There is growing evidence nationally that appropriately done, this approach helps deliver some of the inclusion, leadership and culture change needed within the NHS and other local authority organisations. There is no doubt that our LLR wide programme has had a great impact. Please see the testimonials at the end of this document as a proof of the success of our programmes.

The 2022/23 programme sets out to address race, disability, and LGBTQ+ issues. However, we do encourage our reverse mentors to share their lived experiences across a range of equality characteristics that they may have. For example, a colleague may be female, have a disability and be from a minority ethnic background or be part of the LGBTQ+ community. This is a truly great opportunity for junior colleagues to share their lived experiences with leaders (and other colleagues) across the system to challenge preconceptions and tackle unconscious bias. It’s also a fantastic way of growing cultural and inclusive competencies of our workforce that has a direct benefit for our patients and those trying to access services.

What is Reverse Mentoring for Inclusion?

Reverse Mentoring For Inclusion turns traditional mentoring on its head. The reverse mentor may be a junior colleague who would mentor a more senior colleague. For example, a Black, Asian, or Minority Ethnic, disabled or LGBTQ+ colleague at a lower grade would mentor a colleague who is an Executive Director from a different ethnic group, who doesn’t have a disability or may not be LGBTQ+. They would accompany that Director to meetings, observe behaviours, and provide constructive feedback regarding issues and points that are observed from that junior member of staff’s personal experiences and perspectives.

However, our learning from the first three cohort programmes has also found that Reverse Mentoring For Inclusion can also work between colleagues who are on the same grade or band or even where the colleague Reverse Mentoring For Inclusion might be more senior than the mentee. Our LLR programme is therefore versatile to maximise the learning opportunities within our system. We want to welcome applications from all sections of the workforce.

Applications are now open for staff across the health and social care system in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) who want to be mentors and mentees.

Training is being planned for February 2023, followed by the programme for 6 months from April.

The closing date for applications is Friday 20thJanuary 2023

Reverse Mentoring Training For Inclusion Dates For Mentors

  • 10th February 2023 from 09:00 am – 13:00 pm
  • 16th February 2023 from 13:00 pm – 17:00 pm

only need to attend one or the other date

Reverse Mentoring For Inclusion Briefing Dates For Mentees

  • 22nd February 2023 10:00 am – 11:00 am
  • 28th February 2023 08:30 am – 09:30 am

only need to attend one or the other date

Who is it for?

We are looking for a good cross-section of staff willing to be either Reverse Mentors or Mentees. Reverse mentors would ordinarily be junior members of staff. However, they would be more junior than the person being mentored. The mentee could be any member of staff (Senior Managers, Executive Directors etc.) wishing to be Reverse Mentored. As long as the mentee is more senior to the person being mentored, anyone is welcome to apply.

A Reverse Mentor must be eager to support colleagues from across the LLR system. You must help the Reverse Mentee discover their strengths and weaknesses to focus them on their own personal development specifically linked to inclusion.

As a Reverse Mentee, you must be committed to the principles of Reverse Mentoring For Inclusion. Be willing to listen and understand the role of the reverse mentor.

To be accepted onto the programme, you will need to meet the person specification and be prepared to become an active Reverse Mentor or Mentee for the LLR system in 2022/23.

If you would like to apply to the reverse mentoring cohort of 2023, please download the information pack and application form from the links below:

If you have already been on the programme and want to continue to the next cohort there is no need to reapply. Simply contact the Reverse Mentoring Project co-Ordinator via email amman.attwal@nhs.net


Testimonial 1 has been taken from the 2021/22 programme:

Testimonial 1

I would thoroughly recommend the reverse mentoring programme; it is well organised, supportive and really helpful in allowing participants to think differently. The programme has helped me to observe colleagues’ behaviours through a different lens as well as be more reflective of my words and actions. I believe that it has benefited my team, the organisation and most of all me, as it has challenged my thinking and assisted me on a journey of more cultural competency and compassionate leadership.

The following testimonials were taken from the 2020/21 programme:

Testimonial 2

I have enjoyed the reverse mentoring process. At times it was difficult as I had to show my own vulnerabilities when sharing my own lived experiences. However, my mentee’s reaction was authentic, compassionate, and emotional at times. This was just the outcome I had hoped for.

Would I recommend reverse motoring, absolutely it’s a journey of discovery and can only lead to greater connection and understanding. Which I sincerely hope reflects in the way we care for our patients.

Testimonial 3

I put myself forward for the reverse mentoring programme because I was so shocked by George Floyd’s death and the groundswell protest in the USA. It made me wonder what the life experiences of British BAME are and I am more than a little embarrassed to say, I didn’t know.

Reverse Mentoring experience has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. It was a truth, or rather many truths, that the mentor gently, but tenaciously steered me towards. I can only thank her for giving her time to help me on this journey.

Testimonial 4

I have completed my reverse mentoring sessions and my mentee has been brilliant. His journey has been eye-opening and today he gave a presentation to his managers about the programme highlighting what he had learned from the course. We’re keeping in touch even though the programme has now finished.

I’ve also learned so much about how willing people are to change their views and undertake the growth needed to develop their understanding of underrepresented groups, with the right tools and support.

I would love to be considered for the next round of mentoring as it was great to have a mentee and I would take a lot of satisfaction being part of someone’s journey once again.


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