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£2m Project Launch Fund for grass roots projects in LLR

Fire up your engines and buckle up your seatbelts as 2022 could be your year to make the change you’ve always wanted through our new £2m grant scheme for healthcare in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

How often do little things get in the way of you doing the very best for your patients, staff or your community? Are you fed up of hearing colleagues say ‘if only we had…’ or ‘if only we could…’ Do you see things that need changing but don’t know how to take action? Or have you been told there’s no money available for your idea that you know will make a big difference?

Our £2m Project Launch Fund aims to tackle this head on, turbo-charge your ideas, blast away any barriers and propel your dreams to Planet Success.

Whether it’s for an environmental improvement to a building/patient area, for equipment, training or ways of transforming the way you work, every small idea you have can make a big difference.

Some great examples of grass roots ideas include – New skylights that bring natural light into a windowless dementia ward to revolutionise day to day life for patients; an activity focused wheelchair group to improve wellbeing and quality of life through exercise; and an app and dedicated nurse to raise awareness of tissue donation at the end of life.

The fund is for bright ideas with a long-lasting, sustainable impact and is open and available to anyone working for the NHS and voluntary sector health organisations in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

The application process is super simple – no long forms or complicated entry requirements. Simply share your bright idea with us via email and tell us about the positive difference it will make. Decisions will be made by Mission Control on a fortnightly basis so that you can get cracking with your fantastic idea right away.

We’re also offering you free specialist project and development support to help you on your way to success. How great is that!?

There’s no application deadline as the fund will close when all the money has been allocated, so don’t delay, launch your big idea off to us today.


There’s no application deadline but the fund will close when all the money has been allocated, so don’t delay!

This funding is NHS money, which is being coordinated by the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Integrated Care Board on behalf of the local healthcare system.

We have a team of expert project managers from the LLR system through the LLR Leadership Academy who are available to support you at every stage of your idea. They will guide you and help you develop any skills you need to manage your project well and make your change a reality.

Decisions will be made by Mission Control on a fortnightly basis so that you can get started on your fantastic idea right away.

Once your entry is approved, we are aiming for money to be made available to you in as little as two weeks.

Video: We love videos, so please do feel free to record your entry on your phone / device and send it via file transfer to lcccg.llrmakethechange@nhs.net.

Pen and paper: Or you can write you answers down, take a photo on your phone and email it/text it to the address/number above, or post it to

NHS East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG
Project Launch Fund Team
Room G30, Pen Lloyd Building, County Hall

Yes! This fund is open to anyone working in the NHS, for a provider of NHS services or from healthcare organisations in the voluntary sector. We are hoping to be able to expand this to local authority organisations shortly too, and will let you know as soon as we do.

This fund is being coordinated by the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Integrated Care Board. For more information, please email lcccg.llrmakethechange@nhs.net

There is no complicated criteria involved in this fund. We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone in any role in the NHS or voluntary sector to apply.

From small ideas that just need a few £100s to those that need a few £1000, you simply need to tell us about the difference it will make to staff, patients or communities now, and long into the future too – we love ideas that are sustainable as they mean that so many more people will be able to benefit your fantastic idea.

While saving money is always great, this fund is solely about making a positive difference to the working lives of staff and the experience of healthcare for our patients and communities.

Rocket launch your big idea here

We want you to be able to get cracking and put your idea into practise right away. Why waste time hey?!

Your answers to three simple questions will give us all we need to make a speedy decision.

Mission Control will review ideas on a fortnightly basis. There’s no application deadline but the fund will close when all the money has been allocated, so don’t delay – launch your submission off to us today!

We cannot pay for capital projects – these are typically things such as land, buildings, plant and machinery.

Revenue projects relate to day to day expenses of carrying on services e.g., salaries, rent, rates, taxes, stationery, other equipment.

Just email us at lcccg.llrmakethechange@nhs.net answering the questions below, or, if you’re more of a visual person, feel free to send us a short video.

1 – Your big idea
Give us the juicy details, we really want to know all about it. Who will this help, what problem will it fix, where will it happen, why is it important?

2 – How will people feel when your idea becomes a reality? What difference will it make to people’s lives now and into the future?

3 – How much money do you need to make this happen? How long will it take to deliver? Do you need any support?

One last thing, tell us a bit about yourself and how we can reach you…

Your name

Job title


Your email

Phone number

Successful bid examples

BrightSparks Smoothie Sound System music project – £20,600

The BrightSparks charity’s Smoothie Sound System music project is successfully providing unique opportunities to the most vulnerable and isolated mental health service users in Leicester, including young men from BAME communities, and the funding will be used to expand this service.

Infra-red vein finding equipment – LLR Community Phlebotomy Service £2,000

The Community Phlebotomy Service which provides care for housebound patients across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, will use the funding for two infra-red vein finders.
The service visits patients daily in their own homes to take veinous blood samples as requested by GPs

Hand-held ultrasound machine – Glenfield Hospital £6,300

The echocardiography department at Glenfield Hospital will use the funding for a handheld cardiac ultrasound machine to help them quickly perform scans on patients at their bedside or wherever they may be in the hospital.

Bright Path Futures Project, Weaver Insight – £17,000

The Bright Path Futures Project will help more non-English speaking female asylum seekers in Leicester have a voice, live independently and access the support they need to learn the most fundamental skill needed to take part in wider society – speaking, reading and writing English.

Radiotherapy privacy screens and skylights, University Hospitals of Leicester – £14,000

Thousands of patients awaiting radiotherapy treatment at the University Hospitals of Leicester will benefit from speedier treatment, increased dignity and comfort through new privacy screens and skylights.

Digital meeting pod, The Centre Project – £26,000

The Centre Project in Leicester will create a new digital meeting pod to help its service users improve their access to digital services and make NHS digital services accessible and inclusive.