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The echocardiography department at Glenfield Hospital will use the funding for a handheld cardiac ultrasound machine to help them quickly perform scans on patients at their bedside or wherever they may be in the hospital.
An echocardiogram is a non-invasive test that images the heart to assess structure and function and is a vital diagnostic tool for managing patients with heart conditions as well as monitoring patients from other areas, for example those undergoing chemotherapy.
Demand for echocardiography has significantly increased, particularly during the pandemic, and it has a growing waiting list.
Current equipment is heavy and bulky. A lightweight handheld device will improve care in a number of ways:

  • It will make access to patients in critical care, for example, much easier, as they are often surrounded by machinery that can obstruct access.
  • For post-procedure patients needing a quick assessment for fluid around the heart rather than a full in-depth scan, the device will enable rapid scans of multiple patients without needing to move large equipment around the hospital.
  • Waiting times will be reduced, patients will be discharged sooner and doctors can start or modify treatments more quickly, as the device can be taken to patients where they are, rather than needing to wait for patients to be moved to the department.
  • The recruitment and training of new members of staff will also be enhanced as the device will be easier to transport and demonstrate.