LLR Academy

The Bright Path Futures Project will help more non-English speaking female asylum seekers in Leicester have a voice, live independently and access the support they need to learn the most fundamental skill needed to take part in wider society – speaking, reading and writing English.  

Being trapped for months at a time in a tiny hotel room with or without small children, and little prospect of a permanent home, is highly eroding to mental health. The teams who support these communities need targeted and appropriate first language resources to make the contact and time spent more meaningful and productive.

This funding will enable the team to expand their package of language learning videos, digital learning cards and workbooks with seven additional languages (Dari, Pashto, Ukrainian, Sorani Kurdish, Albanian, Romanian and Spanish) to give more health and wellbeing targeted learning in the classes, and to help women and volunteers practice more easily together after class when there’s no teacher around to help.